Reverend Patrick Evans, Senior Pastor

Entering Advent

What are you waiting for this Advent? One of the things I'm waiting for is our full transition from the UMC to the GMC. This has been a time of stress and anxiety for many, including me. We have an awesome mission ahead of us. Do you remember what the official mission statement of the Global Methodist Church is? It's "to make disciples who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly."

I like those three actions associated with being a disciple. I want to be the kind of person who worships passionately, loves extravagantly, and witnesses boldly. In this penitential season of Advent, I'm asking God to show me how I fall short in each of these areas. I want to experience the convicting work of the Holy Spirit so I can turn from my sin in these areas and more fully embrace and exemplify the way of Jesus. Would you be willing to join me in doing that?

One of the areas that these three discipleship attributes can come together is in our Christmas Eve service. At 5:30 that evening we'll be celebrating the birth of Jesus – and inviting the community to join us. We'll be singing great songs that proclaim the birth of the Messiah. We'll be proclaiming the gift of love we have in Jesus. There are some ways you can help.

First, pray. Ask God for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on the whole event.

Second, invite people. There are many in our community who are not regularly involved in a church. I'm praying God will bring them here and make them part of Hardy. This is a place where "witnessing boldly" can start off small.

Third, I'm praying for a full house that night. I don't want any seats to be left unused – including seats in the choir. I'd love to have some of you, as individuals and as families, choose to sit up there. Image the joy of having a full sanctuary with all of us declaring the praises of Jesus and hearing the good news of the Incarnation!

In the season of Christmas (which includes our worship on Christmas Day and New Years Day), we'll continue our focus on the gift of Jesus. In our January 1st worship we'll use the Wesleyan covenant service to renew our commitment to God. It will be a perfect time for all our members to be here and commit together to live together as disciples of Jesus in the new year.

1 Corinthians 15:58
Rev. Richard Heyduck