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Meet Pastor Richard

Some of you are thinking, "I know what it is to be a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker, but what on earth is a Heyduck?" Like many names, it originated as a profession (or activity). The name comes from a Turkish word that means something like "robber," "bandit" or, in more recent years "rascal." Geographically, the name originated in regions bordering the
Ottoman Empire. By the middle of the last millennium, Heyducks served as mercenaries in some areas and a sort of Eastern European cowboy in others. You can see in the picture that they believed in being well prepared.  My own family came to America in 1856 from the Black Forest area of Germany. Given what I've heard from German relatives and what I've learned from DNA, I guess that they had been in the area of the current country of Slovakia until migrating to Baden after the Siege of Vienna in the 1680s.

My hometown in Centralia, Illinois, but I've never lived there (unless you count the two weeks I stayed with relatives when my parents were house hunting in the DC area when we moved back to the States from Korea).  Because my dad was in the Navy, we moved frequently. We arrived in Texas when his post-Navy job brought us to the Houston area. I graduated high
school in The Woodlands, did my undergraduate work at Southwestern University in Georgetown (major in history, minors in Greek & computer science), seminary at Asbury in Kentucky, and a PhD in theology at Fuller Seminary in California.

I was called to ministry early in my senior year of high school – and finally gave in at the end of that school year. My first appointment was just down the road at the Queen City – Bloomburg Circuit. After coming back from California, I served at Hooks for a few years. I've also served Pittsburg and Lone Star in this District.

I met my wife Christi at Southwestern and we've been married since 1984.  We have three children, Emily, Paul, and Hannah. Emily is disabled and lives with us. Hannah is also with us for just a bit until she goes back to UT Austin for grad school. Paul lives in Fort Worth and works as a video editor.  If he and Hannah were independently wealthy, I wouldn't be surprised if
they opened up their own stop motion animation studio.

I'm praying for a powerful move of God here – in my life, in your lives, and in the church as a whole. So many people are lonely and desolate, so many wandering far from God. Yet I believe God is working in their lives even now– even through us – to bring them into relationship with Jesus. I'm excited to see what God's going to do here among us!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Richard Heyduck

Calendar of Events
> August 3rd Wed 7:00am United Methodist Men's breakfast
> August 3rd Wed 6:00pm Family Fun Night Fellowship Hall - Snacks, Games
> August 8th Mon 10:00-11:30 am United Methodist Women meet in FaithSeekers SS classroom
> August 14th Sun 9:00am Promotion Day Breakfast -Church wide, Blessing of the Backpacks
> August 17th, Wed Food Pantry We need your help; we are accepting canned goods and non-perishable food. Please take a bag, fill it, & return to the table in the foyer. We also accept cash!
> August 18th Thurs 10:00am Kitchen Cleaning Day - Lunch Provided
> August 20th Sat 5:00pm Hardy Dinner Cub meeting at Dugout Restaurant, 3801 E. 9th, TXK, AR
> August 22nd Mon 12:30pm New Horizons, Fellowship Hall
> September 7th Wednesday evening meals and Bible studies will resume
> September 8th Mon 10:00am - 11:30 am United Methodist Women
> Yoga - Tuesday & Thursday @ 11:00am every week
> September 11th Sun 12:00 Back to School Burger Bash

3rd Wednesday Food Pantry at Hardy Memorial
We are accepting canned goods and non-perishable food.  Please take a bag and fill with non perishable food and return the bag to the table here in the Foyer. We also will gladly accept cash donations.

Participate by donating!
Most needed items for the food drive:
- Peanut Butter, Jam or Jelly
- Rice, Beans
- Individual Mac and Cheese, soup, Top Ramen
- Canned fruit and vegetables
- Canned Chicken or Tuna
- Protein Drinks such as Ensure or Premiere
- Canned soups, Chili, Broth
- Crackers, snacks , Granola bar, Trail Mix, prepared pudding
- Cereal/Oatmeal
- Juice Packs/ Water

...and any non-perishable food items!

We are also accepting volunteers for packing and handing out the bags on the 3rd Wedensday of every month.

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If you feel called to be a helping hand, please contact us for volunteer opportunities. We are truly blessed to have caring people volunteer in all of our programs and ministries.